Tax on Freelance Work in Taiwan (Secondary Income, Over 183 Days)

I’m working part-time (30 hours a week) for a Taiwanese company but have recently got the opportunity to start freelancing for another company as well. This second company is based outside of Taiwan and is going to pay into my local account on a monthly basis. Will my second income still subject to the same tax rate, 18% for the first 6 months of the year? Is it taxed at all? I would never be earning more than NT$1 million a year from the second company. Cheers

I am in a similar position, where I am freelancing for a company based outside taiwan, and they will start paying me through Paypal.

It seems no one replied to you, but what was your solution?

Given how stingy the government has been with covid stimulus, I’m surprised that foreigners are still paying tax on their offshore income.

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That did occur to me when I was doing that a few weeks ago… (I declared everything in the end, but there was definitely a little devil sitting on my shoulder as I did so)