Tax payment delayed to June 30, 2020

It just occurred to me maybe this has not been mentioned before: for both individuals and corporations, tax payment has been delayed to a June 30 deadline, due to COVID-19. Hope this information is of help.

So probably many of you have not received the forms yet. But you can start filing on April 28th.


Bravo to this country for its humane treatment of… Humans


Does that mean those of us who get a tax refund will also receive a delayed one?


I found this link on a FB group and apparently you can do E-Filling from 2020.05.01~2020.06.30


Mmm I guess in that case it would be tied to the date you file in. I guess. Dunno. Must ask.

This measure is meant as a relief for those who need it. But you family people who get refunds also need it!

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Does anyone know whether the Taipei tax office will be open for in-person filing in May here? I routinely ask for a certificate of taxes paid, and in order to get it in time to submit that with my US tax return as my proof of income, I always go into the Taipei tax office in May (otherwise they don’t mail it to me until after June 15).

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All government offices are open for business as usual. Just wear mask and stand 6 feet apart. You will be shot, eh, pointed with the laser temperature thinghie, that´s all.


I can’t imagine that it would be difficult to pay taxes in May.

That’s it. There are too many temperature guns on the street. I move to institute Thermal Gun Control :rofl:


Just out of curiosity, do you file your US taxes online or do you have someone do it for you in the US?

I have a US tax accountant in my second nationality country who files all my US taxes to remain compliant. They deal with my Taiwan income no problem, too. They always extend my filing to October, anyways.

Hi Pendulum, I’m not sure whom you’re asking, but being a Luddite, I print the forms, fill them out on paper and mail them.

Really? I tried doing it online several times and it was a mess. I couldn’t complete it Though because they asked for information that I didn’t have or didn’t apply to me because I live in Taiwan. Really annoying.

What kind of work do you do here?

Hi Pendulum, no I do not do it online. I go to the IRS site, and print the forms out. That does not involve them asking for information. I fill them out on paper, just like when they used to mail the forms and instructions. Give it a shot! (And good luck. Filing US taxes sucks!)

I’m an academic editor, to answer your question.

Good luck!

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This is a great news this decision has been taken because of Covid19 and lockdown.

Guys I just got my tax returns filed and I’m gonna get 150 000 NTD return so get down there asap!

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I hope that is a file early bonus.

Just filed mine today. First time for me filing via their web platform, which is much smoother than their windows software.

I am also hoping to collect 135,000 NT$ return. Let’s see if they will accept all my supplementary documents. :crossed_fingers:

I got my forms in the mail and I know I can file online but I don’t quite understand how. I should probably take a closer look today…

How many children do I need to have have in order to get a refund? I am not a filial daughter… :cry:

I have 6 fur kids… unfortunately they do not count.