Tax questions for Taiwan newbie (morgage deductions, divdends, double tax)

Hi, I will be moving to Taiwan shortly and I am very excited, yey, but the Taiwanese tax office website is less than helpful even with some basic stuff.

I guess the chinese version would be more informative, but I do not read Chinese and my wife is not particularly good with this kind of research.

I tried to google as much as possible, but what can be found in English from e.g. kmpg and pwc’s website seems very superficial.

Anyway, I hope someone can clarify some of the following

A) Is there any tax on dividends for the recipient ? And is there any difference in the tax levied if the company paying is public listed company or private?
B) I could find online that there is a double tax treaty between UK and Taiwan, but e.g. between the US and Taiwan there is not. Would I receive any tax credit for the witholding tax levied in the US ? If there is a tax credit, what type of income can this tax credit be used on ?
C) I understand I can deduct up to 300k in interest paid on a mortgage. If me and my wife own a property(with a morgage on it) jointly in Taipei, can we both deduct 300k or only 150k each?
D) We are doing some renovations in our apartment anda my wife is insisting on us being able to do deductions for these expenses on our personal income tax, but I cannot find anything that would support this. Anyone know ? I would have presumed they will just count in to our purchase price, hence lower the profit once/if we sell the apartment.
E) I found that “eligible foreign professionals” can deduct items such as utilities, home leave travel cost etc. Where can I find a list of who eligible foreign professionals are? I will be entering on a JFRV and working from home.