Tax record if i left for almost a year and came back...?

I left Taiwan in August of 2007. During the previous tax year (2006) I worked for an employer (Buxiban) who never deducted any tax. When I went to pay my 2006 taxes, I owed no money and in fact got a 300NT refund for tax I had paid for another employer early in the tax year. When I left in August, I asked my boss if I needed to go do anything at the tax office before leaving. He said no.

Now, I am back in Taiwan and about to begin the ARC process with another employer(Not English teaching, yeah!). One of the things that the work permit process requires is a copy of my previous years tax record. Since I have been out of the country for so long, do I still need to provide this? Should I omit it and see what happens? My co-workers seem to think that my leaving for so long may have “reset” my status(whatever that means…) and that I should not provide it.

How should I approach the issue if I do go to the tax office? Will I be penalized for leaving and not paying or was this my schools responsibility? I’m thinking that feigning ignorance and smiling a lot is the best approach.