Tax Refund Application - which form?


Does anyone know which form is the correct one to use for a tax refund application? I have to go alone to Keelung but I can’t write Chinese so I want to print it out and ask my friend to help me. Here are the forms , thanks for helping! :notworthy:

Is this the first time you have filed taxes? I just show up at the tax office with my tax forms (withholding statements) from the previous year. The lady whips out a form and fills it out in about 5 minutes. This isn’t like the US where the forms are complicated and you need to do them yourselves.

I concur with Abacus. I went to the tax office on Friday to take care of mine. I took along the withholding statements and gave them to the staff of the foreigner section. I had to fill in a form with my personal details, and it was all done in less than 10 minutes. Friendly staff, and very uncomplicated.

Make that three. Go there, smile, be pleasant, ask for help politely. Let them do the calculations and fill out the forms. Yes, it is on your benefit to do this. Trust us.

There should be English forms anyways in the Foreigners Residents Section. You do not go in the same lines as everyone else.

great, thanks! I will go there next week.