Tax Refund--how to proxy or direct deposit?

I’m leaving Taiwan in a month (and perhaps sooner b/c of family emergency).

I’m trying to figure out how to sort out my Taiwan taxes from the last year.

A few questions:

–Do I need a proxy or CAN I get a direct deposit to my Taiwan account?
(that would be so great… just use my atm card later back home…)

–HOW do I register a proxy? Do I have to take them to the tax office with me?
I’m guessing I have to set up the proxy before I get on a plane home if I need a proxy.

–I also saw a note somewhere in the links below of being able to use a special form to fill out my taxes before May. (but it seems I can do it online anyway?)

I’ve found good partial info at these links, but still trying to clarify those things:
and … ar-workers

Thank you.

You will need to have the tax office clarify what you need to do but in your situation you can get an immediate refund AFAIK. Someone at my school did this last year and he probably at the very least needed something showing that the contract was completed and a plane ticket out of Taiwan.