Tax return

I was wondering how I should go about my tax return. My boss gave me a slip and he said all I have to do is take it to a tax office and fill out a form and they will mail me a check.

Does this usually take long? Where can I do this? (Iive in Taichung) Is there a fee?


Just filled in my tax return today.

  1. Take that slip your boss gave you along with your passport and ARC to the tax office.

  2. The tax people will use that slip which shows how much you have been paid and how much tax you have paid or not, to fill in the big A3 sized form. This is a little complicated so get them to do it for you.

  3. They will tear off the bottom of the slip and send you notification thru the post when your refund is ready. In Taipei expect to wait til July. In Tainan it took them 1 week to process. When it’s ready present the slip and get your refund check.

  4. If you have been in Taiwan less than 183 days in 2003, you’ll get nowt back.

  5. The process is free, takes 10 - 20 minutes and is done at the Taichung tax office. Ask your boss where it is or do a google search.

Thanks for the info really appreciate it

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