Tax statements from previous employers

I’ve had a look through the forums but can’t seem to find any answers…

I paid taxes through two schools last year that I now no longer work at. Am I right in thinking I need a tax witholding statement from them? If so, is this something I need to ask them for or will they just send it to me? And when is the best time to do this? I parted from one of the schools on bad terms so I am a little concerned about what will happen.

Thanks in advance

Ask. If they don’t give it, go to the tax office, which will either help you without them or call the school to tell them to send one.

Thanks for your speedy response. I was wondering when it’s best to ask for this. The sooner the better? Or should I wait until it’s closer to May?

You can get your tax withholding statement from a different desk at the tax office. It’s easy.

Oh, so, just to clarify, I don’t need to have any kind of statement from my previous employer?

I didn’t in 2011 when I showed up at the Kaohsiung tax office with nothing but my pay stubs. They had no interest in those and referred me to a 2nd desk to get your withholding statement. Filing taxes is an absolute breeze in Taiwan.

The statement of release of contract (or something like that)? That is for a new employer to use when they are applying for your new ARC under their name. You don’t need it for tax purposes.

If you want to go through the tax office it is better to ask now before the they get too busy. The companies were supposed to have filed your taxes by February 5th this year (due to CNY but usually Jan. 31), so they will have your statements for you right now. You could also contact them directly. Also from what i know, when they file your taxes they are going to use the information on your ARC from when you worked for them. If you have a different address now then you did when working for either of your previous employers, your tax statement where probably just sent to your old addresses. (source: I deal with taxation on a bigish scale for my company)

Thank you so much everybody - very helpful indeed.