Tax this!

I must admit to a complete state of amazement on the tax issue.
Having lived here for over six years I have never had a monthly tax deduction, ever. At the end of the year I receive a Withholding Non-withholding Tax statement of gross income earned and I take it to the tax office and pay it. If I cannot pay it I am charged a small interest fee until I do.
No one at the tax office has ever said I should have had monthly deductions of any kind. I literally read one post where people were advised to think of it as a forced savings. Employers make those deductions to improve themselves for what every reason, good or bad. There is nothing wrong with insisting you pay your own taxes at the end of the year. To advise otherwise is just bad for you.
Firstly, most people state that there is a 74,000 deduction. False, there is a 74,000 exemption and (for me) a 44,000 deduction. Now for the average teacher to have 10% deduction credited to there employers account on say 50,000 a month salary you would be waiting for about a 25,000 refund.
Why would you want to do that?
What if they went out of business?
What if you had an emergency?
Can someone please show me where it states I must pay a monthly deduction as a foreign resident?