Tax Time Coming

This will be my first time doing the tax thing in Taiwan, so I want to get a head start (and I’ve never filed taxes in the USA on my own, I just graduated college last year and my dad always did it for me – I know, it’s pathetic). Anyway …

  1. What do I need to get from my employer? Should they be giving me some sort of tax summary (like a W-2 or something like that)?

  2. Where do I pick up all of the forms I need to fill out?

  3. I haven’t made a whole lot of money, just average … is it likely that I’ll have to pay extra money or just fill-out paperwork?

  4. Do I have to pay taxes on “unofficial” income?

Thanks in advance!


  1. A Tax Statement from your employer (I usually get my one at the end of January or beginning of February)

  2. At the Tax Department in your area ( last year my school gave me a form, but it was an old version so it had to be redone at the tax office anyway.

  3. Does not matter how much you money you have made, just fill out the forms and go for all the rebates etc you are entitled too.

  4. Dunno:-) But I would not mention that.

As a footnote I would have to say that the Tax Departments is probably the most efficient, organised Taiwanese Department I have dealt with.

I suggest that you take your:
Tax statement

Go to your nearest tax office, fill out your personal details on the form, and then go to the counter and ask the official to help you with the rest( rebates etc). The people I have dealt with in Kaohsiung have always been very friendly and willing to help. (make sure you smile alot:-)

If your employer gets you the tax statement nice and early, you should have a rebate cheque in the mail by early March.

It might be worth mentioning that starting this year, taxes will be due at the end of May, not March.