Tax witholding rate for non US citizens

When selling products in the United States but living in Taiwan it is required that the US Government withholds 30% of Tax unless you are from certain countries when it is less. For examples Indians pay 15% tax of new products sold on Amazon but produced in the USA. Does anyone know the rate for someone living in Taiwan selling products in the USA through companies like Amazon etc. Amazon only has the rates for India and the UK at 15% and 0% respectively.

For example if you had DVD’s made in the USA and sold on Amazon but are a non US citizen living in Taiwan you are liable to pay tax but it is less for some countries but you have to apply to get the difference back. First what is the rate and how the hell do you apply to get it back? Anyone with experience in this?

There’s no tax treaty between Taiwan and the US, so it should be 30% if it’s a royalty. You need to get an ITN (Intl. Tax Number) from the IRS - the catch is you probably can’t apply until after you’ve made the first sale.

Thanks that is what I needed to know. Ok then I will have to use my Uk address as I know there is no royalty from the UK! Wow I wonder how much money the US government pulls in through this tax on royalties policy on overseas residents! :smiley: