I have a question about tax I can’t find the answer but so busy with work at the moment so don’t have time to look.

Basically I am leaving in February. I am an English teacher and my question is can I claim my tax back for the period from December to February. The tax comes to about 16000nt and I am in the 5% tax bracket but I read somewhere if you leave the country between January and June you can’t claim the tax back for that period because of the 183 days being reset at the start of a new year.

Sorry about the rushed message back to work!

I think you must pay tax in December. January and February, you shouldn’t pay tax. My work told me that if you work in Taiwan under 90 days per calendar year, you don’t pay tax.

I’m not sure what nonredneck is talking about. You’ve already left I guess but not only will you not get any tax back but you will get tagged with the 18% tax instead of the 6%. Hopefully you had an extra 30-40K available when you left.

Ok. I think it depends on where the business is registered for my previous statement.

For non-resident individuals staying in Taiwan for 90 days or less in a taxable year, there is no tax payable if their compensation is paid by an entity registered outside of Taiwan. … income-tax