Taxes 2022: Online or Download?

Quickfire question: I know that there are an increasing number of ways to pay taxes now. But I always used to use the software provided by the tax department. I went to the typical link to download this year’s software… And it drew a blank!
It used to be at and was known as IRX**.exe> Did it move?


You’ll only get the download link for the software if you visit the link from a desktop. Here you go:

There is also a web browser version on that same web page, but you can only use it on:

  • Mac:OSX with Safari 15(or updated);OS version 10.15(or updated) is required when login in the system by Health Insurance Card.
  • Linux:Fedora 27、Ubuntu 16.10 with FireFox 66(or updated)
  • Tablet:Android 9.0、iOS 12.0 (or updated)

perfect. thanks!