It’s June 15, which means its tax time for americans abroad…or is it? I know we get a two month, automatic extension. I also heard we can file for an automatic 2 month exension if we file a form. Does anyone know what this form is, or where to get it. Is it true?


We just sent ours a couple of weeks ago. I think it is supposed to be there by no later than June 15th. Not by the postage date. You can find all of your forms on Make sure you send a letter stating that you meet either the bona fide resident test or the physical presence test along with the tax home test to have this extension.

It was actually due on April 15th so the extension is until June 15th. I sent ours by DHL and it got there the next day. It was about $540NT. Others are much more expensive and you can go to any 7-11 to drop it off. Good luck!