Taxi discounts if booked everyday

My workplace and home are far away from each other when you look at public transport, but driving only takes about twenty minutes because of the highway. I don’t drive and have considered taking taxis, but I can’t justify the 300-400 it would cost per trip per day to do this. Obviously private drivers/taxis offer discounts if you use their services in bulk but by how much exactly? If anyone has experience I would love to know.

I would probably only take a taxi back after work, not on my way there, as my goal is to have more time after work with my family, not in the mornings. By regular taxi it would probably cost around 6k a month. If I could find a driver willing to do it for 3-4k a month I’d definitely do it, as I already spend 1280 a month on my metro pass.

What is the to and from areas? I have a taxi friend i can ask if he is interested

Neihu to Xinzhuang

Asked my friend he said no, sorry

You could try to mix public transport , take bus first and then transfer into MRT Orange line
Also have you check with Uber?

Another option is to rent scooter (I-rent , Wemo , Go Share) however you will need a local scooter driver license and is not comfortable riding scooter for more than 30 minutes

Last option, is rent a car with I-Rent 路邊租還, they have a special rate for weekdays (I think is $168nt per hour) however you will need a driver license and pay extra fee for driving on the highway

If you have building management, ask them if they have any taxi companies they can suggest.

You can also just start by taking Uber for a few weeks and if you end up with the similar drivers, that you like, ask them if he would be willing to pick you up on a regular basis at set times. I had a friend traveling from Danshui to 101 on a daily basis and he ended up with the same Uber driver for 4 out of the 5 days and he eventually booked him for a month.

Some limo services that do airport pick ups and drop offs also have monthly rates. Unfortunately, I do not know any personally, but I know they’re out there.

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You could find some good deals with Line Taxi