Taxi Holiday Surcharges

January 22-29 2020, Taipei, New Taipei, and Keelong will have an additional nt$20 included on the meter for Chinese new year.

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It’s true

And your icon sums up the emotion perfectly

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I didn’t ask but the taxi driver told me the nt$20 surcharge started today. And the fee was included in the meter.

So minimal ride is NT90 now?

I took three taxis today, and not one of the drivers asked me for the “surcharge”. I guess you look gullible.
It only comes into effect this Thursday.
Today and tomorrow aren’t public holidays.

They don’t ask you for the surcharge and they don’t need to explain it.

This guy just seemed like he wanted to go to great lengths to explain that the taxi fee also included a surcharge all Chinese conversation.

I’ve been told I look like a nice guy and I prefer that over gullible but what the hell. Maybe I look gullible even when I’m speaking Chinese.

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Started yesterday, got a 90 NT$ start fee instead of the usual 70 NT$.


What’s the reason to collect this surcharge? Is there some extra usage or some expense incurred in Taipei by taxi drivers during these days?

Something to do with the martyrdom of sticking around and making easy cash instead of buggering off to Taoyuan or Tainan to hang out with insufferable extended family members, drinking gaoliang, playing mahjong for peanuts, eating two day-old cold prawns, and watching Taiwan “news” on the TV all day, while the kids are all glued to their smart phones.

Poor taxi drivers.

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That was already funny as hell 20 words in.

And the realness of Taiwan culture also included.

“martydom”! :rofl:

Aha, got it.

In the US I once had to pay to park in downtown Detroit. Should have been the other way around. I think I’m familiar with this level of martyrdom.

I think that the premise is absurd. YOU’RE NOT WITH YOUR FAMILY! POOR YOU! YOU SHOULD GET PAID MORE!
Taipei is a fucking ghost town over lunar new year. Perfect for taxi drivers. If you’re smart, that’s when you should be working overtime. It’s steeped in opportunity! Most people dread hanging out with their families. It’s not something that should be rewarded, rather cherished and encouraged!

I would pay them double the surcharge if they would just drive a normal speed and not drive like maniacs trying to get the next customer for the surcharge.