Taxi Safety?

Well the reason I can’t just not tell them is because the buses shut down at 11 and if I come back at 1 then there will be some explaining to do. I do take taxis when I’m in a rush and not going home though.

To tell you the full situation, they do let me stay out late, it’s just that they like to pick me up from the MRT station, however I feel realllly guilty making them go unpark the car from the garage and drive 10 minutes to the station at 1230 at night.

To the chief, I feel a little insulted by your post, I was just trying to find out the reasoning behind my parents and many other taiwanese’s claims of taxis being dangerous. I’m not a snobby kid, I’m trying to relieve my host parents of some extra work. Even if I do taxi late at night and text them the license number, they’re still going to worry. I’m just trying to understand a little more about the situation.

Fortigurn, that’s EXACTLY what I was looking for. Heh, it makes Taiwan sound like the Godfather (I’ve never actually seen it though). But, regardless if it’s true, it gives some insight as to some of the myths behind taxis.

Wayneowen, yeah, that’s prolly what I’ll end up doing as long as I can convince them that even that is safe enough.

Well thanks guys, one curiousity fulfilled!

Also, to say it again, I also think taxis are safe, I’ve never had a problem. I’ve found actually that a bunch can be quite friendly if you are friendly to them. The only annoyance I’ve found is standing at Xindian MRT when the taxi drivers see you, a foreigner, and instantly come up to you and pester the hell out of you–“Wulai, yi bai kuai!”

Me either, except that without fail, when I am in a taxi alone, the driver makes it a point to tell me all about his sex life. :s

My experience with taxi drivers is that a suprising number of them are very chatty, and take delight when you engage them in Chinese.

Oh. THAT site. Chip. Shoulder. I rest my case. :loco:

[quote=“Fortigurn”]From the premier ‘Why Taiwan is hell on earth’ site, specifically on taxis: