Taxi to the Dark Side wins best documentary

Oh, this just rules!

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And now, it’s going to be aired on HBO in September. That is SO going to irk Mr. “We can’t quit the mission” John McCain! There’s going to be BLOOD when the public sees this!

HBO Agrees To Air ‘Taxi To The Dark Side’ After Discovery Drops It For Being Too ‘Controversial’

[quote]Taxi to the Dark Side, a documentary about an innocent Afghan taxi driver tortured to death by U.S. officials at Bagram Air Base, has received wide critical acclaim since its debut in April at the Tribeca Film Festival. The New York Times’s A.O. Scott said, “If recent American history is ever going to be discussed with the necessary clarity and ethical rigor, this film will be essential.”

Earlier this month, ThinkProgress reported that the Discovery Channel broke its contract to broadcast Taxi prior to the 2008 elections. With plans to take the company public, executives were afraid the “film’s controversial content might damage Discovery’s public offering.”

In a press release on Thursday, HBO announced that it has bought the rights to Taxi and will show the film in September 2008. TP reader Tim received a similar response from “Viewer Relations” at Discovery Communications, who said that they may also show the film on cable in 2009:

In its first, pay tv window, HBO will debut the film in September, 2008. We are proud that Taxi to the Dark Side will make its basic cable debut in 2009 on Investigation Discovery, the network dedicated to providing in-depth programs that challenge viewers’ perceptions on important issues shaping our culture and defining our world.[/quote]

I want to hook up some electrodes to your avatar and make him stand in a puddle.

First the Anbar awakening, then President Obama and now this. It looks like it’s going to be a bad season for extremism all around.

Per chance, did you use to work for Donald Rumsfeld?

Nothing exciting happen at the Oscars? I was hoping Sicko would win, just to see what Michael Moore would do. I’ve seen a few clips of Jon Stewart. I’ll have to watch the rerun tonight at nine.

Interview with Alex Gibney, director of “Taxi to the Dark Side”:

[quote]Scheer: You know what I was thinking is, why your film is not being discussed in the presidential debate. If you think about it, the whole image of the United States has been tarnished, maybe like it’s never been before, by this torture. … And here we have a campaign going on, a presidential campaign, and here it sounds like only a marginal issue.

Gibney: I don’t understand it either. At its fundamental … there are two things that are fundamental about this film. One is, it’s about how you fight the war on terror, and how badly it’s being fought now. It’s also, it’s about corruption of the rule of law, which is so essential to who we are and who we want to be, I think. …

Scheer: Which, by the way, is what the war on terror is supposed to be all about …

Gibney: That’s right.

Scheer: … to educate the people of the world about limits, about the rule of law, about discipline. [/quote]

Turns out I’m probably wrong on this point. My buddy just DL-ed this flick (illegally - tisk tisk) and said actually McCain figures very positively in the film. So actually the September release might play out well for him.

Don’t let it be said I’m intractable!

On the other hand, he says the current administration does not figure positively AT ALL in this film, and if Americans have any conscience at all, there ought to be some hangings once enough people see this piece.

And Americans wonder why everyone in the world hates us… :smiling_imp:

They don’t.
No matter how many times this lie is told.
It is still not true.