TB in Taipei

My friend told me she read that Taipei is a hot zone for TB
Does anyone know anything about this?

Yes, TB is a top killer in Taiwan, especially among aboriginals and the elderly. Although all foreign workers are screened with x-rays annually, and I’ve personally never met or heard of a single case in 10 years here, the news still reports it as a serious problem:

“Every year, 15,000 people are infected with TB and 1,300 patients die from it. On average, TB takes a life every six hours, according to the center’s statistics…Tuberculosis is still the top killer disease [in Taiwan], responsible for nearly 70 percent of deaths of communicable diseases. In fact, TB has never left us,” said Wu Yi-chun (吳怡君), chief of the center’s TB prevention section."
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On the other hand, if you are an expat from developed countries here, it is not a real concern, and is an “invisible” problem.