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OK, to be fair I do think that precisely some herbs, contrarily to what has been said above, might be of some use. Trial and error, and lots of trials and errors with lots of disposable patients. Still nowadays they keep drinking some barks and herbs that are likely to be cancerogenous. But the mystic part of the Chinese Medicine, those things based on philosophical theories and energies and shit… meh.

With all the supporters it has, there should be scientific studies supporting its validity, but AFIK there aren’t, or not for the commonly known therapies and remedies. That should mean something.


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I genuinely respect the attempt…5 stars… It may be Carcinogenic , if you mean may give Cancer ?


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Tcm has a lot to do with psychology. Much may be placebo, but in the end it gets done because people believe in it. If Chinese weren’t so arrogant we would liken it to shamanism where the priest and the doctor fall into one role. Very similar, and not as cut and drybut actually placebo effect can be very successful, and is well studied in the west.

As an edit, be very very careful with herbs, many doctors source them from people with little to no botanical background and out ous extremely common to get misidentified herbs! This has also been studied scientifically


Dear mad_masala,

Could you please share with us the source that forms your idea about TCM? It’s far from the TCM I’ve learned. I think you misunderstand TCM a lot or you just know a very little portion of TCM and that portion might no longer be used for general TCM practitioners.

In our daily practice, we never use the things you said. We use mostly herbal medicine (90%), some mineral medicine (7%), very very few animals (3%). As for animals, I personally use Scorpion and Stiff Silkworm when indicated. That’s all.

To talk about scientific evidence, do you know the definition of science? Do you know how we can connect the TCM basic medical theories to TCM clinical practice?
Every step has to make sense logically or people would easily challenge these steps and TCM would have been thrown away 3,000 years ago.

Do you know that there are more than 70 medical centers in the U.S. that have their own integrative medical centers? If TCM is bullshit, those physicians would not allow the setting of integrative medicine centers in their hospitals. Don’t you think so?


OMG, are you telling me that some of the best universities in the World also teach TCM? what’s next? homeopathy and gender theories in the universities???


Accupunture -> bullshit
People who see your bones and their problems through the skin, thanks to their supernatural powers -> bull crap
Eating some animal parts because they give you sexual power, energy, health, due to their strength or majestic pose -> horse crap

And so on.


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There should be something called Traditional Texas Medicine. It could consist of whiskey for most ailments, plus WD-40 for joint pain. People swear this has helped them!

Somebody ought to name an alternative medicine school after this guy: