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Thanks for all your reply. I read all of them. I have to say sorry that I can’t reply one by one because of not having enough time. I’d be glad to schedule a time to discuss with everyone of you in person on TCM. I’m sorry that I can’t spend too much time here and I have to improve my English writing so that I can fully express my thoughts to eliminate misunderstanding and reduce misinterpretation. I’m also very grateful for those who PM me to share their beneficial experiences with TCM. Thank you for all your words, no matter good or bad.

To save some time, I decide to let the global trend and other authors to speak. This article published this year in Nature journal should be able to answer some questions. Please do spend some time reading it.

Why Chinese medicine is heading for clinics around the world

“For the first time, the World Health Organization will recognize traditional medicine in its influential global medical compendium.”

Traditional medicine could make “Health for One” true

“This study describes various characteristics of traditional medicine, including its medical benefits such as therapy, disease prevention, health care and life cultivation value and drug development benefits. It also looks at some of the financial and economic benefits and finally, its scientific value. The study considers some of the existing difficulties and challenges for the conservation and development of traditional medicine including, among others, safety standards, protection mechanism for traditional medicine, environmental challenges associated with the development of traditional medicine, training in traditional medicine and administration of traditional medicines. Finally, the study makes proposals for the conservation and development of traditional medicine.”

I’m not saying TCM is the best. Actually, having learned both TCM and western medicine, I believe integrative medicine is the best health care for patients.
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Ok, whatever. Good luck ripping people off at expenses of their health.


Look around you man. If nothing else, people take it seriously here.


Joey, I have some serious questions regarding species identification. Public is better, just blow off the replies calling bullshit, they aren’t that credible either.

If you want to talk privately I really truly am wanting to talk, can give you my lin.e or email if you message me.

For now though…

Scorpions. ihave kept and bred Many arachnids. Spiders, scorpions, vinegaroons etc. Centipedes and other such things that are also used in TCM. So the link you shared:

Here is one of many issues. “Scorpion” is a group of arachnids, there are quite a few species In fact. Some are deadly poisonous, others are mild. Asia has both spectrums. Taiwan only one species, parthenogenic interestingly. One such issue is if the scorpion is offered as an oral Medicine. Ok, so first step is remove the last few digits of the tail to remove the poison. Though oral ingestion of many poisons sourced from animals can be ok. if a person Has an ulcer or some such break in the walls of their digestive tract, the poison can go In to their bloodstream via oral methods and cause similar issues as with an actual sting. If a very poisonous species, this can have nasty effects. And with world trade and Chinese culture infiltrating virtually every orifice of human civilisation, scorpion to 3000 year Chinese doctor likely doesn’t mean the same thing as scorpion today. Hence the need for super diligence!. From the centipedes and scorpions I have seen in TCM, barely half are prepared well enough for me to trust they are devoid of poison (never mind syringe sharp appendages for delivery), which meaNs some thorough examination of the general digestive system of each patient should take place, which we all know doesn’t happen. This is my big issue with more traditional Medicine, lack of diligence and prevalence of ego. This isn’t a comparison to arrogant western doctors. If we go down that path nothing useful will come from this thread, so lets not waste peoples time talking about router sucks from the east or Viagra from the west, it’s not the topic.

Science encompasses all cultures and types, the difference between modern (not western, terrible phrase to describe a form of study) science is it tries hard to prove itself wrong. Which is why more tribal, shamanistic practices don’t make the cut as modern “scientific” medicine tends not yet to envelope psychology and culture, soft science (which it should). At the same time, TCM should make.some effort in diligence rather than simply going along the lines of a religious cult, which raises heated debate and half of the topics discuss above.

So to start. What species of scorpion are you using? I’m very seriously interested in this problem! But if TCM specialists keep turning away these questions (cause they tend to have no clue), then they won’t be taken serious by anyone but those that are scared of the dark, whistling at night or pointing at the moon…not the best base for the camp.

So pic a group, let discuss. Any plant, any animal. We need to work together to pan this shit out. And if it comes down to old style shaman style story telling, don’t be a shed of that, engage the scientific community to embrace new thinking.
I think traditonal mediciines are long due to incorporate taxonomy, chemistry etc. As is “western science” due to start looking into traditional methods, which by the way tie in interestingly into the quantum world of science. Interesting!


“Finally looks at scientific value”? Why finally it should be primarily shouldn’t it ?
“I’m not saying TCM is the best”
So is it the worst ?


People take astrology seriously here.


Your point being?


And renal failure is a thing here.


What I told you before: people believe stupid things, by heart. And if they didn’t believe shit scams and cults wouldn’t work.


Wait whose point is this?


The rational people’s.


Your rationality is missing some obvious facts


Like… what?


Like the fact that people here believe in it.


Er… no, I’m not missing that. And I’m integrating that fact in my explanation on how bullshit, snake oil scams, pseudosciences and cults work: they need people who would believe that shit, otherwise there wouldn’t be any of those things.


You are ignoring it when you call it a “scam”. A scam requires deception, and that doesn’t exist here.


This article puts things like some Chinese herbs being useful in the way I understand it too:

The fact that a herb has some medicinal effect doesn’t validate TCM, and if you demonstrate its use using science, then that’s not TCM but what we understand by medicine.


Many Chinese doctors do acknowledge it’s not good to take Chinese medicine continuously, the guy I go to will give a course for a few weeks and give a break.

Anecdotally it’s helped me quite a bit. How it works no idea.


They are the victims of a scam, even if some don’t realize it or only do it when they are losing their lives already.

The way I see it, a scam requires ill will from the scammer, but not knowledge of the reality from the scammed.


That’s what I’m saying is absent!

Anecdotally it’s helped me quite a bit. How it works no idea.

No clue myself, but there’s no doubt that many plants contain chemical compounds with medicinal properties.