Tdf 2022

It’s that time again. Can anyone beat the Pog? Will QuickStep come to rue not taking Cav? Can G make the podium at his old age? Will the Sag have a tilt at green? Will I write anyone’s full name?

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Will anyone racing be clean?

Yeah that’s the first and last time you get to make that comment. Otherwise it gets really tedious.

So unless you have proof the Slovenians are doped to the gills…

I’ve always like Sagan, way back before his first green jersey.
But, liking athletes can be quite dangerous nowadays for any given reason.
So, I try to just watch it with an open mind, but always waiting for that “surprise” to happen in some way.

What region they starting from?


Then some cobbles

Ooh. I like cobbles, but not when I’m on them. Should be interesting early on then.


As in, you’ll be shamed on the internetz if your favorite rider has some kind of scandal?

My company is doing a fantasy TdF and I have Yates as my GC/yellow contender. He’s not my favorite, but I recall him doing well the previous years.

I wouldn’t count Sagan out of the green jersey coming off as the new Slovak national champ. Keeping it, is going to be a different story with MVDP and WVA in the mix.

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The UCI Covid Protocols have been updated - just as well given the mess that became of the Tour de Suisse this year. I was starting to worry that the Covid Protocols would decide the winner - someone 40 places and an hour down that wins by default when a heap of teams fall foul of the ‘two positive’ one.
That one about two positive tests within a team resulting in the Team having to withdraw has gone thankfully.

Another Slovenian win I reckon.

Oh and BTW, for all the hoo-haa, Quickstep did not select Cavendish, not even after one in the team had to withdraw. So, no Cav this year.

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Yeah the pressure on Jakobsen will now be massive. He needs to win four stages including on the Champs to justify his selection. Every Cav stan will be cheering on anyone but Fabio to win each sprint stage.

It’s a shame they couldn’t have just given Cav a free transfer to another team. I guess EF would be the obvious one, even though he’d have zero lead out train.

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But that kit reveal…

First question, why the dinosaurs?

Apparently, this is why:

"The dragon is a symbol of supernatural power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge,” said Rapha’s head of marketing for North America, Brandon Camarda. “It’s not gender specific, but we felt it was a great way of encapsulating the spirit of the women who ride for EF Education-TIBCO-SVB.”

same kit for men’s and women’s teams…

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They could have put ovaries there. Make much more sense.


you can’t make this shit up


Mmm. Interesting choice of backdrop there!

Should have given Mark another crack at Eddie’s record. possibly would have been his last hurrah.

I can understand why Alaphilippe lost his spot, seeing as he had that horrible crash in LBL.

He’ll be back next year. He just needs one good lead out.

Oh crap, I need to update my fantasy team.

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Glad to be of service!

I would have picked him too, at least for Most Combative prizes… or a long breakaway stage win. Dammit.

Jesus my Twitter feed is just all TDF. I got GCN across all devices.

I am ready to roll.

Ben O’Connor for thé cup!

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The Pog. And then minor places to Hindley, Vingegaard, Thomas, Haig?

Hopefully no big crashes in tight cobblestone sections in the first few days.