Tea markets & wholesalers

Does anyone know about tea markets in Taiwan?
A couple of friends are visiting Taiwan soon to buy oolong tea for their business in Canada, but I can’t seem to find info in English about tea markets or wholesalers.
I’m sure there must be such a thing, just can’t find the info…
Any help would be much appreciated!

No markets as such but a number of streets with merchants going back generations. I will post some later. Many newer organic options as well. That’s in Taipei. They might also try going directly to tea growing areas.

Do they plan to sell the tea or serve it in Canada?

I have a lead if they’re interested in fair trade or organic oolong.

Just for a sample or in bulk right away? I know a supplier, PM for details

Thank you all for answering.

From what I gather they have a tea shop & online business in Canada, so they would be selling and serving the tea.
They are on a “tea hunting” trip, and will be going to China after coming here. They don’t have language problems as they used to live in China, but as they’ve never been to Taiwan before they wanted to know where to get started. Mucha Man, the name of those streets in Taipei would be a great help!

I’ve contacted them to ask for more details about what they’re looking for. I’d say organic would likely be on the list (though not exclusively).

And these:

taiwantrade.com.tw/MAIN/Prod … GQ1237-801

The following link might be useful in identifying potential contacts. It is for the Taiwan Tea Company Union (not sure, but I think this may be along the lines of a growers association). As expected, the site is in Chinese. Hopefully, that will not be a problem.


Thanks for those answers.

I got a bit more info from my friends: they are very interested in organic oolong, and also in beauty teas. They will be looking to buy bulk straight away if they like the tea, 5 kg of each tea they find interesting. They’ll be here at the end of the week.

All help is much appreciated!

Last week I went with some friends to a bunch of tea farms in the south for precisely the same thing your friends are looking for. They had a few contacts through a family member and went out for tea tasting and bought bulk on the spot. I was just along for the experience. It was pretty cool to sample different batches, from stuff that had been bagged the day before to 30 year-old tea from the private stash. I suppose the thing to do is rent a car and drive around.