Teach for Distant Village Program, Taiwan ❤

Are you an energetic, adventurous & open-minded professionals? Willing to step outside of your comfort zone and apply your teaching skills in the other side of the world in Taiwan? :fist_right::fist_left::bangbang:

Come join this meaningful program …:footprints::footprints::footprints:

:fire::fire::fire:Enjoy Teaching, Living & Learning Fun​:fire::fire::fire:


  1. Native English Speakers from USA. Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand & South Africa (SACE), etc.

  2. Teacher’s Certificate or Sub Teaching License issued by your home gov’t

  3. Valid Criminal Check with past 6 months

:point_right:Location: Remote Schools
Offer Package
Teaching subject: Conversational English
Salary: US$2100~2600
Period of Contract: Oct. 2019~July 31, 2020

:house:Housing Hunting: Assisted
:airplane:Air-ticket: Reimbursed

:mega:To show your support​:mega:

Please help forward this program to your friends and Apply Together :facepunch: :facepunch: :facepunch:at teachtaiwanapp@gmail.com

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