Teacher from hell

You know the one…they think they are god’s gift to teaching. that they know everything and you know nothing. They are the last to arrive and the first to leave because they think everything being told to them is “a waste of their time”. They’re the ones that you avoid like the plague yet you inevitably get stuck having to not only work with them, but plan a classroom with them. Much to their uncooperation. They refuse to work with you, insisting on doing their own thing and leaving you to polish (or rather sand down and start all over again) what they’ve done and then add youre own bit. They make accusations that borderline on psychosis, like saying how they percieve everything you say, the same way a sexually harrassed woman would take comments from a misogynst predator. They try to control every movement of their students, from how they ask questions and constantly correct them without letting the students correct themselves, to making the students move down the hallway with their hands over their mouths to keep from talking. That some children cry and ask their parents to not make them go to this person’s class because the material is pitched way over their heads and their being passed off as having the intelligence of a 1-year-old because it’s too hard. This person isn’t outwardly mean: just cold, standoffish, combative, and arrogant. What if you had access to the schools they are trying to apply to in Taiwan? What would you do?


sounds like my boss :noway:

I don’t really know what you mean here. Would I contact the schools and warn them? Why? Won’t they find out on their own?

How about this: if I were his boss, I’d fire him just for being late all the time. Only room enough in my school for one crazy FT and that’s ME.

Are you trolling to see who bites or is there a real person and a real school involved here? :s

Talk to your supervisor, have them observe the class. If the teacher is that bad others will see it as well.

Revenge is a two-edged sword. Leave it alone. These things weed themselves out.

What did this guy do to you - fuck your girlfriend?


No, really, I have a point. There’s two sides to every story. How do we know you’re not just making stuff up just to get back at this guy? That kind of thing happens all the time…vindictive ex-girlfriend, ex-boss, ex-coworker. I’d be wary of “warning” other schools about this guy. They might just think you have a personal axe to grind.

Unless this person will directly effect your everday day life don’t do anything. People in this country don’t like crazies. If he is as bad as you say he will make his own mistakes and get what he deserves.

[quote]You know the one…they think they are god’s gift to teaching. that they know everything and you know nothing.

Its cause I graduated from a top-notch university, one of the top 20 in the world IMHO. If U hadn’t graduated from a virtual cyber skule maybe I’d respect your toilet paper, ahem I mean degree/credentials.

[quote]They are the last to arrive and the first to leave because they think everything being told to them is “a waste of their time”.

I tried to get their on time, but the MRT keeps jamming up, and the sidewalks are filled wid too many scooters and old ppl for me to run around.

I think U R dumb, why should i work with you? U can’t comprehend at my level.

Maybe I can’t understand you cause of your bloody accent, and I am not controlling my students, just trying to teach them some manners. They’ll thank me down the road when they dont pick their noses on their first datez N get laid.

They are crying cause they are happy to see me again, its their parents that abuse them, haven’t U been reading da newz? I am challenging them so they don’t fall asleep in class. I tell them they are 1 yr old so they feel young again, stopz da girls from bitching about themselves feeling old.

I’d give myself a raise for doing a job well done :laughing:

Dear thedevilmaycare,

So why do you care?

What kind of school is it that you teach a class with another FT? Never heard of it. How is it that you know so much of how other teachers conduct their classes, yet offer nothing in comparison of how you teach yours? How is it that you know so much about another teacher’s students, yet offer nothing of the success of your own? Be careful. Billy Goat Gruff will get you!

Teacher from Hell, indeed!

Damn. I thought this was a thread about me. :blush:

I can sing
I can dance
I can pee
in my pants.

I think this person will get his or hers soon enough if things are as bad as you say. And it doesn’t bode well if you blacklisting this person gets back to them.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

From my personal experience, I had a Chinese teacher complain that my teaching method was wrong. Why? I made the children sing and speak loud enough so that I could hear them. She said they could only speak softly. It went so far that she went behind my back at the school and told the students that I was a bad teacher because I wanted them to speak in a normal voice.

After this, I contacted my friend who was doctor (MD,PHD) to see what she would say.
She stated that all young brillant singers and performers started at a young age. As long as they’re not screaming, it’s Ok

The second part of this was that being loud was natural for kids. They can’t really control their voices very well so speaking loudly is natural. This coincides with the fact that if you ask them to speak quietly, they almost silent and when you ask them to speak normally, their extremely loud.

The third part of this was that children and adults speak loudly for security. It’s the same for adults when we are scared. We have a tendency to speak loudly.

There are many things that go on at a school, but after teaching for 10+ years, I find that most people don’t try to improve their teaching skills and that it takes a long time to develop skills necessary to do a good job. Most of the ‘saving the kids teachers’ don’t know what they are doing. Plus, they are too young. After they raise their first child, they will have a better understanding of what children are like and how to deal with them.

It’s easy to make statements of what a student should and shouldn’t learn. My parents thought that learning alegebra in high school was pyschotic. Now, it’s an accepted norm.

To sum this all up, before you make statements concerning this other teacher. You should do your homework by asking other professionals in the field. People who are credible and know what they are doing, not people who are out to push their political agenda onto innocent kids.

Good teachers find a sense of achievement in knowing that the children have improved and become better people because of himself/herself. They strive to help those who need help and never give up. When you give up on a child, then there is way that the child can improve.