Teacher recommendations at TLI?


I am going to be visiting Taiwan later this year, and I’m in the process of booking a 6 week block of one-to-one tuition at TLI (Roosevelt Rd branch) for while I am there.

I wondered if anyone had any recommendations for particular teachers there?

As I am booking quite far in advance, it seems that they might be able to arrange for me to get the same teacher for most of my lessons - probably not all as I’m going to be doing about 16 hours per week.

Following some of the advice elsewhere in this forum, I want to totally concentrate on speaking/listening (using hanyu pinyin), so I want to make sure that whoever I get is not going to be forcing me to learn writing when I don’t want to do that. I also want someone who is going to really push me to talk lots and have conversations, maybe going ‘off book’ if necessary.

(As background, I have got some basic knowledge - probably about a year or 2 self-taught, plus working through some of the Pimsleur CDs, and talking to Chinese/Taiwanese friends. I can ask for things, and put basic sentences together, but am still quite slow doing this.)

Many thanks for any suggestions and comments!