Teacher's certificate

I’ve looked at several job vacancies in Taiwan and many public schools are asking for a mandatory state-certified “teacher’s certificate” required by the government of Taiwan. This appears to be issued only in the USA?

I do have a BA from QUT (International & Global Studies), 6 years teaching experience in South Korea & China, & have completed a 140 hours TEFL course with ‘I to I’. And no criminal background.

What is the requirement for Australian ESL teachers to teach in Taiwan public schools please? Specifically, what is the equivalent “teacher’s certificate” issued in Queensland, if any?

This didn’t really answer my question: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Certified_ … #Australia

You need to have a “teacher’s certificate”, which means you have to have actually studied TEACHING, not PolSci.

You actually have to be a proper teacher qualified to teach in a public school back home.

Even a 45 000 hour TEFL certificate is only good for a cleanup after a youporn session.

Thanks guys. I dug a little deeper & found this on the QCT website:


To be eligible for registration in Queensland, teachers are required to:

have appropriate qualifications;
meet the suitability to teach criteria; and
be able to communicate in English at a professional level.

Acceptable academic qualifications include:

a preservice teacher education program undertaken in Queensland which has been approved by the College; or
a four-year preservice teacher education program including at least one year of professional studies in education from a recognised higher education institution in Australia; or
a degree and a one-year postgraduate preservice teacher education program from a recognised higher education institution in Australia; or
overseas qualifications deemed to be equivalent to any of the above."


I am not doing a 4 year preservice teacher education program, so will restrict job searches to private schools or other countries.

I might consider doing the 1 year post grad preservice teacher education program, seeing as any degree will do.

You will have difficulty with private schools as well, unless you are married to a local or have permanent residency.