Teachers Day 2003

I hope I didn’t miss Teachers Day!!!

Was it just a week ago? What did everyone give their kids’ teachers? I can’t believe I missed it, and we’ve had all kinds of special help too with the TA translating stuff into English for us.

Teachers’ Day was last Sunday. I got all kinds of goodies from my kids including a card signed by three siblings that I have taught either in the past or am currently teaching. I’d have to say that the card was my favorite present.

Considering it again fell I on a weekend, I was still very lucky - A watch, a pen, SOGO and Starbucks vouchers, cards and dinner for two at the Grand Hyatt :smiley:

i got nothing :frowning: waaaaa

I can’t believe I missed teachers day. What can I do to make it up to them? Head Teacher, Teacher’s Asst, English Teacher, English TA.