Teachers pay in the future

With Taiwan planning to introduce English more into the public school system do u think foreign wages will also increase ?

Nobody’s wages have increased since like the 90’s or something!


I read about one of the bosses of Lio Ho (they build Ford cars in Taiwan) complaining that less people are buying domestically built new cars these days - imports are a different story. He lamented on the fact that sales were down, but when it was suggested that he raise salaries for workers who could then afford to buy their cars, he said it was impossible because they did not have the means to and it might affect profits.

I understood that as they would rather hoard wealth than give people a raise. Salaries have stagnated here for decades.

What’s the average hourly pay for a FOTB teacher now? It’s not still $600TWD is it?

If you’re FOTB and have no idea what to expect, then as I understand it yes, you’re still getting grifted for about that much an hour.

I believe it is still $600 per hour.
Salaried hover around $70k for FOTB

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Huh. Base salary for full-time university lecturers in their first year was 52,000 when I was in that position, in the year 2000. And now that starting-point level is at 58,000, almost twenty years later. (I’m assuming it’s the same scale at all schools, but I may have that wrong). So yes, salaries have gone up since the 90s!

The part-time rate for lecturers is $575 per daytime teaching hour, $615 for night classes - and you’d have to do the additional curriculum planning, prep, and marking of a university course. I think that’s gone up $25 per hour? I vaguely recall laughing when I learned the salary and declined a part-time university job long ago.

The jobs on Tealit don’t suggest that salaries have changed any over the past couple of decades.

I doubt that teacher pay will go up: the country has massive numbers of underemployed English graduates who can probably take those teaching positions, I suspect on lower salaries and slimmer benefits than what normal teachers get.

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Both the Internet and AI will be teachers/facilitators very soon so no more human teachers to pay!

AI is already outperforming doctors in diagnoses accuracy. There are very few professions that will survive much longer.

Art and creativity sector would be untouchable, I think!

Bring on the UBI and get on with socialism!

I work part-time at a university (10 hours per week) and get paid 1k/hour.
Admittedly, not great, but better than 575.

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Not according to current exponential increases in AI. They’ll come for the creatives eventually.

Great posts. & very true

Teachers pay in the future

I reckon they will, but for what? :thinking:

Lots of good teachers earn close to 1000/hr or more. There is just a high percentage of riff-raff driving wages down and a high percentage of schools willing to hire them to save money.

Good to know - yeah, it’s possible to go around the salary scale. The numbers I provided above are just the current numbers as listed at my school.

How can wages rise? The big Lao Ban needs another Luxury Apartment in Dazhi for his lady friend

There are standard hourly wages that the DOE sets (very low). However, some universities add to that while others don’t. It depends on how much they value their guest lecturers. I get $800 an hour and teach 6 hours a week at a private university. I make more at a cram school, but enjoy being able to talk to somewhat literate individuals form time to time. I was offered a full time position, but when I realized that I make more working 30 hours a week than a full time lecturer I politely passed on their offer.

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It’s all very predictable. I don’t think China will be any better ten years later either because of their demographics . In fact they menton they aren’t getting paid any more over there, they just still can get a job in China.
This trend is going to accelerate within the next few years ! Teachers of older students and adults get ready.


Oof. Well that read was both pretty much as expected, and also utterly depressing.

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