Teachers who teach subjects as well as English

Currently, I am teaching a homeschool program (I get paid) to a small group of kids for 3 hours Mon-Fri. I teach them Reading, Science, Math, Arts & Farts, and Music.

I enjoy the class because it is mine. No co-teacher. The program is new to the school. I implement/leave out what I want, go at my own pace, and I know my students’ abilities very well.

I was wondering if anyone else in la la land is also teaching subjects other than English? Also, do you have control over what is taught? How do you divide your class time?

What teaching theories do you implement to ensure the kids speak well and the parents are impressed? :wink:


ps. My focus during class is not gaming. I try to use contructive activities. But, when we do play a game, as you can see in my Avatar, the kids go NUTS!

At Elementary school I taught English, Maths, P.E., Science, Social Studies and Art. For the first 3 years it was pretty much yourself designing the curriculum but this has since changed with a curriculum coordinator being employed.

At Kindergarten, like most I’d say, I teach a range of subjects including English, Reading, Phonics, MPM Math, Science and P.E. Everything is set out there, but there’s room to innovate.

At Buxiban, it’s only English for me. I’ve been lucky enough to have had my class here for 4 years each day, from xiao ban to now Grade 2. This has allowed me to teach pretty much anything that I see fit. There is a curriculum to stick to there though.

From my experiences at all three, I think that once you have the trust of the owner, then they will of course let you innovate in your own way. Even the chains schools will.

I’ve been teaching bilingual anqinban for 3 years now. I help with their English homework in all the elementary subjects, except Chinese. When there is time I make up review sheets and preactice tests. During vacations I teach them whatever I want to, which usually leans toward social studies, science, and history. It very creatively satisfying.