Teaching Chinese as a second language in NZ, info please?

A Taiwanese friend of mine is looking into moving to New Zealand and wants information on teaching Mandarin there. Unfortunately I had to admit I know near to nothing about that.

I guess the questions are: what qualifications/skills would she need?
what type of work would be available?

I don’t know what qualifications she has in this area.

I have done a couple of internet searches but the information was limited.

Where does she want to teach? University, high school, privately?

A good way to get a start - if doable - would be to take up a tutoring position with a university. For that, qualifications are pretty much irrelevant. I’d recommend getting in touch with department heads at the various universities - Ken McNeil is acting chairman of the East Asian Studies department at Waikato.

One other thing to remember - if she wants to teach Chinese formally, she’ll need to be down with simplified characters, as thats what every course - to my knowledge - covers.