Teaching contracts

I would like to clear up a few issues with a teaching contract I am yet to

  1. What is the standard holiday leave for private bushibans?

  2. Is it standard to require a letter from a doctor of a Taipei hospital
    that is certified to grant medical certificates for visa purposes to
    foreigners living in Taipei? The contract makes no distinction between
    several days, weeks off and having to take a day or two off due to a bad
    cold. If I were to have a bad cold and need to take 1 day off is it standard
    to have to spend most of that day in a hospital getting a letter to justify
    taking the time off?
    Also, is half pay standard while ill?

  3. Is it standard to not be allowed to take any files or lesson plans out of
    the school for any reason and to impose a 10% reduction in bonus for doing

  4. Is it standard to pay a monthly salary on or before the 10th of the next
    month? for example in Britain it is standard to pay salary for a month
    during or at the end of the month rather than during the next month.

  5. Is it standard to impose 10% reductions in contract completion bonus for
    a number of rather ambiguous contractual breaches with no restrictions. The
    penalty of 10% reduction is not restricted to one breach. My understanding
    of this is that if the school wanted to they could come up with enough
    manufactured contractual breaches to do away with the bonus altogether.

Thanks in advance.

The places where I worked there was no holiday leave. We had national holidays off, but usually weren’t paid for them. We could usually take up to two weeks off for personal holiday, but we often had to arrange our own substitutes and weren’t paid for the time off.

I’ve heard of schools requiring a doctor’s note to take a sick day, though I’ve never had to do it… of course, like I said, I didn’t get paid for sick days.

Many companies pay on the fifth of the month for the previous month.

As far as bonuses go, they vary a lot from school to school and three out of the four schools I’ve worked for didn’t have regular bonuses.

So that’s my experience. I’m sure others have advice to share in regard to your contract.

There is no standard.

Many people work an hourly wage. The hours you work, you get paid for, If you’re sick, or there’s a holiday, you don’t get paid.

Many also have a monthly salary, and then you usually get paid the same each month, no matter what the number of public holidays or typhoon holidays etc usually abotu 15 a eyar) there are. Sick pay is unusual, but some places might give you half pay, put probably need a medical certificate. Apart from public holidays, paid leave is rare. Bonuses and security deposits, and how they are added or deducted, vary widely. If you don’t like the conditions try negotiating.

It is very standard to get paid on either the 5th or the 10th for the previous month.


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