Teaching English and Studying Chinese at the Same Time

I plan on leaving for Taiwan in August and will stay there for 5 years. My main goal there is to study Mandarin Chinese at the Mandarin Training Center at the National Taiwan Normal University. However, do help pay my expenses, I plan on teaching English as well. People’s opinions about Hess aside, is it possible to study Chinese there and teach English at the same time? I mean, Chinese classes will be mostly in the morning and afternoon Monday through Friday, so I would need to teach in the evening if possible. Can I do this at Hess or at any other language school?

Peter Schwartz

It’s easy to get teaching work in the late afternoon and evening, say between 4:30 and 9:30 PM or so. If you can afford to,you should do some looking around once you get here, before you commit to Hess–or any English school for that matter.

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