Teaching English: confusing situation

People with a good command of the English language, but who are not native speakers of the English language, are not allowed to teach English legally in Taipei.
They don’t easily obtain a legal working permit to teach English.

On the other hand there are plenty of opportunities for these people to teach English legally in the Southern part of Taiwan. Why so?

Any comment/remarks/suggestions are welcome.

I think ther are simply much more jobs than teachers… especially in places where nobody wants to go!

The laws which require an employer to apply for a foreigner’s work permit before he/she can work legally are the same throughout the entire Taiwan area.

To the extent that the eligibility requirements for obtaining a work permit are “overly strict” (according to some observers) is a problem for those people who do not have a degree from a college or university in an English speaking country.

Nevertheless, it is incorrect to say that some teachers can teach legally in southern Taiwan and not in Taipei. The legal requirements are the same.