Teaching English for 2 employers

I had heard that it was now possible for a school to allow their teachers to work parttime for another school, if it was included in the contract.

I’ve been searching for this information, but all I could come up with is this

Unless I’m not understanding this properly, this only allows for a transfer, it doesn’t allow for simultaneous employment by two schools.

Is there some regulation I’m missing?

Does anyone have a contact for someone int he education department I could get an answer from?


Taipei - August 28th, 2002

Teachers are allowed to work for more than one school. Amended in session on January 21st and promulgated in the second week of May, the Employment Service Act now allows teachers to work for two, or more, schools.

Article 53

Any employed foreign person who needs to change his employer or to be recruited to work for 2 or more than 2 employers within the permitted duration must request the prospective new employer to apply for permission to change.

So…as long as your first school agrees.

Article 53 continues in the English translation to say

I would like to use Article 53 to help a ‘garden-variety’ foreign teacher with a Bachelor’s degree and no teaching history in Taiwan get permission to work for two cram schools.

The interpretation I’m getting from the local police is that Article 53 only works for someone if they’re married to a local, a refugee, been here 5 years or are joining family. Didn’t sound right to me - I thought anyone here with a cram school work permit could use it.


Is there an English translation of the ESA anywhere so I can check this out myself?