Teaching English in Taiwan as a French person

Hello everyone,

I am a 16 years old French student who is currently living and studying in France. I have been documenting myself on many websites about wanting to be a foreign teacher in Taiwan to teach english to young students. The problem is that I have read many informations but also their opposite, so that is why I am seeking for help on this forum. I really want to be a teacher in Taiwan and got interested by cram schools / buxiban system even though I have read that it might be illegal. I have been learning chinese and plan on learning more seriously “taiwanese” / traditional chinese. And though I have many contacts in China and Taiwan, I am still in a constant blur about my future. I have many questions which I hope you can respond positively. First of all, do I get my teaching exams done in France or in Taiwan ? Or both ? Then, are buxiban / cram schools illegal for foreign teachers ? Shortly, how can I become a French teacher who teaches english in Taiwan ?

I know I am young but it’s better for me to know where am I supposed to go and what am I supposed to do. Thank you for paying attention and I truly hope that someone will help me and reassure me about my future and my studies. I hope it’s possible.

Wishing you a good day, evening…

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Teaching English in Taiwan is probably not the best long-term career choice.


Have you ever been to Taiwan before? If not, as soon as you’re old enough to travel on your own and the pandemic travel restrictions have been lifted, why not travel to Taiwan first? Find out if you want to spend more than a few weeks here before you commit to the idea of living and working here.


I don’t think this matters. He’s 16. Teaching English in Taiwan when he’s legally able to do so is a brilliant idea. I’d highly recommend that anybody at his age consider it. He can worry about his long-term career later, after he’s gained a few skills and learnt a bit of Mandarin from teaching English in Taiwan.

To the OP, have you considered teaching French in Taiwan instead of English?


I thought you had to graduate from a university of the Big 7 (US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa) before you could teach English legally (or is it be a citizen)?

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No, you have to be from a country where English is an official language, and have a degree from a university the government will recognize. You could also do it if you have open work rights, from marriage to a citizen for example.


Teach French instead. There is a market for it.


Could be a solution. The document below is the official way for 2020/2021 so you are not elligible yet because of your age, but it will give you an idea on what you can expect.

Bonne chance à toi.

Edit : just a detail, but I think the OP is a She


Who does anything long term when they’re 16? And there’s plenty of people happy with their teaching careers. Depends what you’re looking for and where you end up. It’s not like the job markets in western countries are that stable right now anyway. I’ve got 4 friends in the US who have lost their jobs since the covid mess started. I can’t imagine France is doing that much better. But anyway, he’s just 16. He should be complimented on the fact he’s already got a strong work ethic and isn’t just thinking about where the next house party will be.


Or work here with other profession for 5 years, then get a permanent residency and open work permit.


Right, I think it doesn’t matter as long as I get to teach there. And it can also help me giving myself an idea of the country and how things work there. Plus, it’s still a great experience.

To reply to your question, I have considered about teaching French too. To be honest it doesn’t really matter as long as I get to teach a language I master.

Also, as KenavoDemat said, I’m actually a “she” ! :slight_smile:


There are not lots of French job opportunities in Taiwan, but after English and Japanese, French is probably the third most studied foreign language. Your main advantage will be your gender. Schools prefer female teachers to males, as the parents feel more secure leaving their kids with women. Saying that, most French teaching jobs will be to adults.


Of course I’m projecting myself in the future. I don’t consider being a teacher at 16, because it’s indeed illegal, impossible and I don’t have any experience with teaching. However, I have also considered about teaching French there, and that sounds like a good idea.

Merci beaucoup ! I really appreciate your help and am aware that I cannot become a teacher at this age - I wasn’t planning on becoming one right now anyway lol. And you’re right, I am a “she” !

It sounds like the right choice to make indeed. Oh, this sounds complicated…

I have never been there and I totally understand you and think you are right. I am really into documentaries about these countries, and I have many Taiwanese friends with who I discuss a lot about their quality of life and how it is going in Taiwan. I’ll try to chat with them way more about this and seek help from them. Thank you for replying!

Listen. You’re sixteen. It’s going to be another two years before you leave school. You need a degree to teach in Taiwan. That means another four years. It’s all six years away. Your life is going to change enormously in that time. Think about it in 2026, not now.

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ooh salut! parce que tu a 16 ans, tu still a beaucoup de ans avant tu peut enseigner au taiwan. at the very least, tu a besoin une degree d’university. si tu veut enseigner en anglais, tu should consider etudier a les etats unis, UK, etc. tu peut ensigner en francais aussi, mais le market est plus petite. for sure, tu should do a foreign semester abroad in taiwan though to see if you really like it. btw that’s what cinq ans of francais has gotten me to lol.


French youth can come on working holiday visa, which is with open work permit with few restrictions.

If you come on a student visa, you can get a part time open work permit.

Both allow you teach any language at buxiban.


I know, but I think I have the rights to project things. I think I am aware that I am young, and if I’m giving up on this project, then it will happen naturally. But now this is what I want to do and university is very soon. I should know my path, so that is why I am asking. I don’t think your comment was useful, but thank you for replying anyway.