Teaching English in Taiwan with Dual citizenship (US and Taiwan)

Hey guys, I taught English in Korea before and am now interested in doing the same in Taiwan. My mother is originally from Taiwan and I realized that in addition to my US citizenship, I’m eligible for Taiwanese citizenship too. If I end up applying for my Taiwanese passport and citizenship, will it better my chances of finding an ESL job in Taiwan or will it hurt it more? (Given the fact that locals are paid less than foreign teachers and that I won’t appear as foreign as my counterparts). Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I don’t know about the other posters, but given my practically nonexistent knowledge of situations such as yours, I’m afraid lest I write something that might encourage you zig when you should zag, or zag when you should zig.

It’s the weekend, so maybe everybody’s out and about doing weekend stuff.

Here are a few threads that seem to discuss the issues of dual citizens teaching English here (I can’t vouch for the accuracy or reliability of any of the information in any of them, and I’m not sure they’re relevant to your particular situation):

Just in case it’s relevant, the two threads immediately below also bring up the issue of military conscription (but again, I can’t vouch for the accuracy or reliability of the information in the two threads below):

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