Teaching English police checks?


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So I’m planning on moving to Taipei within a month to find a job teaching English. I’ve been reading however that recently the government have new regulations whereby new teachers need to have completed a police check in their home countries. . . Couldn’t really find any solid yes or no on whether this is true or not. . . Anyone know for sure whether I’ll need to get a check done?

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yes, you should do it for sure. You need a certificate of good conduct certificate issued by the country of issuance of the foreign national’s passport, as is said in Article 9 of Supplementary Education Act. I’m assuming you are looking for a job at buxiban (cram school).


Ohhh man really ! Hoped it was just a scary rumour. Yes, buxiban was the plan. I’ve just graduated with little teaching experience and no TEFL or CELTA … So kind of doubting how easy it will be to find a job out there?


Hello, hi:

If you have a police background check and don’t care too much about which city to teach in, it should be fairly easy.

Don’t worry, old sport.


Whereabouts do you think itll be easier?