Teaching English Vocabulary

I’ve got to demo a GRE vocabulary class next week. I taught such classes in the U.S., but primarily to U.S. students. Anyone have a thought or two on the best ways to teach vocabulary in a way that maximizes retention?

I use word roots, grouping words with similar meaning together, pre and post tests, and mneumonic devices for certain words. What other ideas do you have?

I’d thoroughly recommend this book by I. S. P. Nation, one of the most prolific writers on vocabulary acquisition.

It goes way beyond the theories, and it is packed with exercises, tests and useful activities on receptive and productive vocabulary learning and teaching.

Thank you for the tip. Do you happen to know if this book is available at Caves?

Dunno, I just work there! You can search their online catalogue for it, though. cavesbooks.com.tw/

I think I got mine from Cranes.