Teaching english with 2 children in tow


That’s good to know, I’m happy to cook and would much rather eat local than western.

The 100k or 120k is not our limit and we have cash Reserves to support ourselves but we are more frugal and would like to keep that in the bank as much as possible.


Also one parent working one at home with the baby.

We don’t both need to work as we have said reserves of money


But massive thanks for the replies. I can’t say that enough it’s super encouraging


Best of luck! Taiwan is great!


My wife has been and says the same. She used to teach in mainland China and wants to go back. But now with kids and a husband in tow


Do either of you understand and are able to speak Mandarin Chinese?

I ask because this will make a HUGE difference in your stay here.


Both very basic, can order a drink and food haha. I’ll. Probably join for classes again before hand just to try and maximize what we know


As for the living cost in Taichung, here are two recent threads.


That’s very interesting, thanks.

On another note I just found out my uncle who lived in Hong Kong has moved to Taiwan a few years back with his Taiwanese wife… That’s a stoke of luck on the help side.