Teaching English with an Associates Degree & TOEFL

I keep reading that it is possible to teach legally in Taiwan with an Associates degree and TOEFL combined. Does anyone here know teachers who are in this situation and actually working? Who hires them?

Currently I don’t have a degree, just lots of college credits. I will be in Taiwan for 2 more years, unable to work, so I am planning to finish my bachelor’s degree on-line. I could probably finish my associates by the end of the year, but only want to if it means I could work here. Otherwise, I’ll just focus on the bachelor’s. This would be through Empire State, the on-line branch of the SUNY system. Since SUNY is fairly well known, I’m wondering if Taiwan would recognize their on-line degree. Who would I contact in MOE or labor to get an answer? I’ve looked on these boards, but haven’t been able to find a list of recognized schools posted anywhere. Is this mythical list available to the public?

If other SUNY campuses are recognized, there might be a chance of getting a degree from Empire State recognized. Or is that naive?

Thanks for any ideas, information.

Half of the teachers at my school fit this description.

No, the Taiwanese government does not recognize “online” degrees.

It’s a way to do it. The major schools will do it. I know Hess does.

The online degree question I couldn’t answer. I figured if it’s a degree from an accredited University, I don’t see why they wouldn’t. Someone else here posted it is not. Look into it before you spend all your money.


funkymonkey answered it…