Teaching english

i need a job, if i want to stay in taiwan, i am 18 and i speak very good english and spanish? (i am hoping to find a job working with little kids) but anything will do! :unamused:

Seems to me you’d be illegal on about 3 counts there.

Perhaps teaching punctuation?

By saying you need a job if you want to stay in Taiwan, I’m assuming it’s to get an ARC. If that’s the case, unless you graduated from university REALLY early, you are out of luck.

no not exactly, my grandparents want me to get a job, nothing big…just maybe working with little kids, LIKE BABYSITTING? idk? and sorry if you dont like the way i write(i am still young, i am not looking for a carrier, just a job) DONT MOST TEENS WRITE LIKE ME? LOL? :slight_smile: PERDON!

Er, no.

Good luck with the babysitting. I used to do this before I went to uni. Exploit your own network; parents don’t really leave kids with a totally unknown youngster. Try to look responsible and capable. Take stuff with you. Even though the kids have their own toys, they’ll co-operate far more if they can play with the stuff you take because it’s new. Ask people to let their friends know.

Are you an ROC citizen? That makes things much easier.

If so, market yourself as a tutor for younger kids (maybe 8 to 14, thereabouts). Spend an hour or two to put together a list of 4-5 things you can tutor kids in, the age levels you’d be best at, and think a bit about what you’d actually do if someone didn’t come to you with a specific set of learning objectives. Then ask everyone you know to spread the word that you’re available to teach. Don’t charge too little–they’ll think you aren’t worth it. I’d say about NT$500 an hour is about right.

thanks tomas! that will be my second option! THANKS

To work in Taiwan you need a work permit for which the basic requirement is a B-degree.

Sorry for stating the obvious.