Teaching experiences in Taiwan

I know there is probably a thread for this topic already, but I keep on having trouble on finding posts on this topic. I am planning on heading to Taiwan a few weeks before Chinese New Years because I have never experienced it before and I hear it’s a lot of fun! :slight_smile: I was just wondering everyone’s experiences with teaching in Taiwan and what schools/agents they have gone through. I have been reading a lot of bad things about HESS. I have also been reading a lot of good things about Giraffe. Can anyone tell me more about their experiences with teaching at chain schools? Also, does anyone think that it will be necessary to own/lease/rent a scooter if I do get a job in Taoyuan or Taipei and what are some really good sites to find apartments on?

Thank you! All relevant responses will be greatly appreciated!!!

A thorough read of the threads in the “Living in Taiwan” and “Teaching English in Taiwan” sub-forums will answer all your questions and more.

Thanks! :slight_smile: