Teaching half year contract possibility?

So I’ve been in Taiwan under the student/resident ARC for two years and now am going to get a work ARC with the buxiban I’ve been with for roughly one year now. I talked to them about only wanting to do 6 months with them and then I’d move to Taipei and since they want me to work there, they said ok and even upped my hourly rate a little so it sounded all fine.

Now when I get handed the contract to sign today, it says the term is for one year and the boss claims that it’s because they have to claim that in order for me to get an ARC. Is this true? I know the norm is 1 year for a contract but is it REQUIRED? I just want to stay in Tainan for 6 months and save up then move on, I think I’d go crazy if I stayed in Tainan that long haha.

If nobody really knows, is there some office I could contact or someone to talk to about this? I don’t want to leave my school when the contract isn’t officially “done” and then potentially be blacklisted from other buxibans even when my current boss and I agreed in person that it was all okay. I don’t know what could happen, just want to be safe. Thanks for any help!

Anyone can legally end contracts early so this isn’t an issue. Even though it’s illegal to include penalties for doing so you should check and make sure that your school doesn’t include any. To end your contract early (regardless if you have agreed beforehand) you need to get your manager or owner to sign the termination paperwork. My school helped a teacher do this a year ago when he switched to our school. It was kind of funny but all of a sudden the other school’s boss simply stopped going to work to stall and not sign the paperwork. But there is nothing they can do to stop the process if you want out. And many will claim differently but the CLA will help in that case.

You do need to give sufficient notice before your last day. It seems that 2 weeks is considered sufficient but if you are on good terms 3-4 weeks might be better although they might hire someone before you leave and you could lose your hours.

Good to know, thanks! The contract says anything less than one month prior notice before I leave will instill a 10,000 NT penalty but I’m letting them know NOW (6 months beforehand) when I’ll be headed up North so that shouldn’t apply to me. How long after you terminate the contract do people typically have to find another job or be forced to leave the country and come back to get a new visa?

that is up to you and your school. They don’t need to file the paperwork right away but they might want to. I know that you can get an extension for up to 30 days after your ARC is canceled (a teacher did this and was pissed that he only applied for 2 days because it was very easy). The best case would be to get a job before your first school cancels your ARC and then you can change the primary employer w/o going through the whole process again.

Recently I was offered a six month or one year renewal of my present contract. Never had that happen before either.

Send your notice via registered mail, just in case, or get someone to sign it and give you a copy of the signed paper. Yes, I’m paranoid, but that doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get me.