Teaching in Hualien city

*Teaching in Hualien city
Hualien is near the ocean on the east coast of Taiwan, a beautiful coastal city.
Teaching mostly 7-12 ages
1 year contract,
work permit and curriculum provided
training offered

Teachers are at school between 1-9:30pm ,Mon to Fri only
doing lesson plans and teaching
About 20 actual teaching hours a week

Ages: 4-14
Class size: 12 average
Monthly salary 54,000-70,000 (based on experience)
Two weeks paid vacation per year
Attendance bonus (monthly) 1,000
Evaluation Bonus (annually) max 8,000
Re-signing Bonus (annually) 10,000
Student Retention bonus (annually) 50NT per student.
Contract Completion (annually) 15,000.
School can help teachers look for an apartment
and teachers pay the rent, such as 7000-9000NTD a month, 2 month rent as the deposit

Email at esljobtaiwan@gmail.com

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