Teaching in Hualien

Anyone have any idea about job availability in Hualien? Are there any jobs and if so are they tough to get, that is to say a few jobs but a lot of people looking? I had a look on the usual job sites and could only find a few teaching jobs posted.

My wife and I are looking into moving to either Hualien or Taidong and I need to know if I can get work. I’ve checked out Taidong and work is very thin on the ground there so just wondering if Hualien is any better?

I taught in Hualian about 4 years ago. I taught at a university, so I don’t know much about the language school scene, but I remember being told there wasn’t a lot of work. If you have a Master’s or PH.D., you might consider applying to one of the universities there, Tzu Chi University or National Dong Hua University. However, it’s unlikely that you would get a position this year as classes start this month.

Best to come down in person and do the leg work.

?But are there jobs available? How long would it take to secure a job?