Teaching in Taiwan vs Japan (vs Korea, too)

I was curious if anyone on these forums has experienced English teaching in both Taiwan and Japan, and if they could compare them. My current short term life plan is to teach in Taiwan for 2 years and just save/pay off some debts I have, then go to teach in Japan (I would like to live in Taiwan, Japan, and maybe S. Korea before I settle down).

Anyone who can offer a contrasting Korean experience is welcome to post as well.

Also, is the experience in teaching that I’ll get here helpful in getting jobs in Korea or Japan?



I didn’t find much on Japan (that doesn’t mean there isn’t any). Here are some threads in which Korea is discussed (there may be more):

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I left Korea in 2002, and I don’t remember much about it, and in any case anything I might say about it would most likely be outdated.

Thanks for the posts. Seems like the bad attitude towards foreigners is horrible in Korea.

I’m curious as to the difference in teaching methods in Korea and Japan vs here. Of course, right now, I’m using HESS materials and methods. People who know what that is already might be helpful in contrasting.