Teaching in Taiwan vs Korea


Hello, I’m currently an English teacher in Korea. I like my job and life there. I have been there for about 2 and a half years. I have been to Taiwan 3 times and this time I spent longer travelling around and meeting people. I feel like maybe I want to come here to live but I dont know much about the teaching scene. Everyone in Taiwan seems much nicer and open towards foreigners and just nicer to each other in general than Korea (no hate intended). But I heard everyone who works here as a teacher works in cram schools? In Korea I teach in a public middle school and I love it, I have taught the equivalent of cram school in Korea too and I just didnt like being a glorified babysitter with no breaks or time to lesson plan. Can I teach older students in Taiwan? (i.e. middle school and up).
Just looking at the pros and cons of both places. Like I said my job is pretty sweet in Korea and pay is good so I am able to pay back student loan but just feeling like my time in Korea is enough and I am ready for something new.