Teaching kids this summer! What do I do?

Hello out there.

I am teaching for 2 weeks this summer at an American Language Village summer camp. Not only is this my first time teaching in Taiwan, it is also the first time I have ever taught kids. YIKES!!! My understanding is the students are in the 12-18 year old range and that is pretty much everything I know about the job.

What I would really appreciate from anyone is where I can get (if possible) specific information about ways to teach kids in Taiwan. Too specific? OK, how about info on how to teach kids in general. I am not adverse to even buying a methodology book or two if you can recommend a particularly good one.

I realize this job is only for a couple of weeks but I want to do a good job in case I decide to move there and teach full-time. A happy boss never hurts.

Thanks in advance.

I would guess (though I may be wrong) that this place will have a set way of doing things and they will probably let you in on it when you get here. 12-18 is a tough age group. Let’s hope most of them are on the 12 year old side of the range. I’d say load up on classroom games and activities. This is one area where alot of childrens’ teachers are deficient. It’s also one of the only things you can do to prepare yourself, not knowing much else about the program etc.