Teaching on the East Coast

Hi Everyone.
I want to move to Taiwan next year in May and look for an English Teaching job in Hualien or Taitung. I have a BA and TESOL certificate and have been teaching for the past three years in Mainland China in bushibans. I would prefer not to get a job at a bushiban in Taiwan, and would rather teach at a public school or university. But perhaps I am underqualified for these positions given that I don’t have an MA? What are the job prospects on the East Coast? Are there alternative locations that are not bustling cities? And is it a good idea to visit schools in-person to enquire about vacancies?


There’s hardly any jobs advertised out there. Far more competitive I imagine. Not sure about a school job through the government program though. I’m pretty sure all you need is some sort of teaching license for that

I think they struggle to get people out at places like kinmen, but there’s only a handful of jobs in the islands. Or any of the crapheaps between Tainan and hsinchu.
I got something in Nantou, which would be nice if I had a scoorer.